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Bet on the UFCOne of the most highly debated possibilities in the world of boxing comes from a possible rematch between Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko. Fury defeated Klitschko in November to win his various heavyweight titles.

There is a chance for a possible rematch in 2016. In fact, oddsmakers have already set up odds for whatever may happen in the event that such a fight does take place.

Fury has a -105 line for the hypothetical match but Klitschko has a narrow lead for the advantage in the match. In particular, he holds a -125 line for the bout.

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The fight is between two boxers who have the same type of stance and have undergone similar paths in recent time. However, Fury clearly holds the advantage in terms of momentum in spite of how he has been embroiled in a few forms of controversy over his attitudes and values in terms of what he likes to stick with and say.

A Look At Fury

Tyson Fury has a 25-0 record and 18 knockouts. His victory over Klitschko in November brought him the WBA Super, IBO, IBF, WBO and The Ring heavyweight titles thus making him the undisputed champion in the class.

While Fury has become a powerful fighter with an Orthodox stance, there were some concerns over how the fight was run. For starters, it was delayed by a month due to a minor injury on Klitschko’s part. In addition, Fury had been openly concerned about cheating tactics on Klitschko’s end and even refused to consume water for part of the bout avid the fear that his opponent’s party would have drugged it.

Also, Fury has made himself out as someone who could be a huge target when it comes to competing with other fighters. This comes from many of the controversial attitudes he has held in the part, particularly many sexist comments he has made and even his belief that Great Britain should leave the European Union.

The Former Champ

Wladimir Klitschko has been one of the toughest heavyweight fighters in recent history. He has been fighting professionally since right after his Gold Medal victory in the 1996 Olympics in the Super Heavyweight category. The Orthodox boxer has spent a majority of his career fighting in Germany and holds a 64-4 record with 53 knockouts.

Klitschko won more than twenty bouts in a row dating back to 2004 before losing to Fury. His lost to Fury was the first time that he lost a bout in a decision. He has at least focused mostly on boxing throughout his career and hasn’t gotten into the political scene like his brother VItali, the current mayor of Kiev.

The chance for the two fighters to get back together and compete in a sequel is certainly something that could prove to be interesting. This would make for a great bout as the two fighters are certainly looking to win in their own ways buy Tyson Fury will still have the best possible chance to solidify his image as one of the top boxers in the world.


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