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Bet on the UFCAnother much-awaited event is about to make UFC history on the 21st of April 2012. From Michigan, Rashad Evans, challenges Jon Jones for the Light-Heavyweight title.

The two are to battle as UFC 145's main event at Atlanta, Georgia's Philips Arena. Both guys have been fellows and teammates as they ventured in their early Ultimate Fighting Championship days.

And now, as the two have been bound to face each other, this UFC 145 Jones vs. Evans has been predicted by UFC analysts to take on a landslide 5-1 on former champion Jones's favor. From the point of release and opening of sports betting on the event, Rashad Evans has been at least a +350 underdog to Jones which makes stakes of betting for Evans higher. As usual, in such condition as this, betting a $100 on Evans can win you $450. While, going for title holder Jones requires shelling out $350 to win you a $100. As of date, the odds grew by another +10 on Jones's favor making Evans a +360 underdog.

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However, no matter how experts and enthusiasts see and predict the outcome of this upcoming UFC 145 Jones vs. Evans match, the decision of whom to bet on shall not solely rely on statistics and analyses. It must be remembered that the fight is yet to come and the real results will be on the 21st of April.

No matter how various pay-per-view offers have been made available by providers, one analyst claims to have no use in purchasing a subscription due to his over confidence in Jones retention of his title as UFC light heavyweight champion. Yet, keep in mind that these foresights on the UFC 145 Jones vs. Evans are still done by human beings—regardless of their expertise and knowledge. And as all men have been made prone to imperfection, no one can tell what is yet to come.

So, is it one for the money? Drive with the odds or sail against the current: UFC 145 Jones vs. Evans.


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