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NFL preseason offers many sports betting pitfalls but also offers a lot of opportunity for gamblers that are serious about gaining a wagering advantage. NFL preseason gambling is also one of the best examples of why sports betting on halves can be advantageous to those who have done their homework.

Many gamblers make a lot of money in the NFL preseason by wagering on first or second half action in the preseason. This can be a great sports betting opportunity when you discover certain NFL betting mismatches that have to do with NFL preseason lineups, rosters, and playing time.

For example if a team states their intent of playing the regulars for only a series or two and that winning the NFL preseason game is not a big objective and they are up against a NFL preseason opponent that is going to really go for the win and play hard and play their regulars into the second half, you have likely discovered a great advantage that can be best used by wagering on the first and or second half of the game.

Most of the time, you can get good information on the playing time that a team will give different groups of players. If a team states that they are going to really tank the second half of the game by playing rookies and free agents and basically make it into an audition and the other team is going to give experienced players a lot of action in the second half you likely have a strong NFL preseason wagering advantage.

This can also be done with over/under totals as teams that are going to play key offensive personnel going up against a team playing a lot of backups and third stringers on defense can often make for a NFL preseason “over” on a half wager. The same holds true for the opposite in a NFL preseason game in which an experienced and solid defense against an inexperienced offense can mean a solid “under” for that half of action.


Bet on the MLBGamblers might feel compelled to place their baseball bets on San Francisco. Rival evaluators who scouted the Giants’ offensive work during spring training all left thinking the same thing; pitchers from opposing teams will have to dig deep. Similar to the Kansas City Royals of the previous two years, the Giants are not known for striking out too often.

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