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NFL preseason action this summer will bring plenty of potential motivational angles and intangibles for sports betting fans to take advantage of. NFL preseason gambling is full of ironies including the fact that in exhibition sports betting, worst may be first and first may be worst.  Preseason betting is simply a different animal.

Some of the best NFL preseason commodities are those who have new coaches.  Such teams are usually coming off poor seasons and are highly  motivated to give their new leader a solid start for the sports betting season that lies ahead.  Such teams are often “live” NFL betting dogs against more established winning teams on the board.

Last year’s Miami Dolphins are a great NFL preseason example of the board value that a new coach can bring.  Last summer Tony Sparano took over a club that was one of the worst in pro football.  But with his leadership the Dolphins became one of the most valuable teams on the board in NFL preseason as they got the cash in 3 out of 4 exhibition games.  Now compare that to their division rivals from New England, who went 16-0 in the 2007 regular season and had absolutely no incentive to win any games in the 2008 NFL preseason.  The Patriots had an established coaching staff, lineup, system, and tradition which all added up to a 0-4 exhibition record both straight up and against the spread.

The Dallas Cowboys were touted in the 2008 NFL preseason as the team to beat.  Dallas was the top seed in the 2007 NFC playoffs and was figured to be the top target come regular season.  That meant nothing in the 2008 NFL preseason however as Dallas lost 3 out of 4 games against the spread.

The Atlanta Falcons also had a new coach for the 2008 NFL preseason and the lowest expectations imaginable after the Michael Vick and Bobby Petrino fiascos of 2007.  With little respect but plenty of incentive Atlanta went 3-1 against the spread in last year’s exhibition schedule.


Bet on the MLBGamblers might feel compelled to place their baseball bets on San Francisco. Rival evaluators who scouted the Giants’ offensive work during spring training all left thinking the same thing; pitchers from opposing teams will have to dig deep. Similar to the Kansas City Royals of the previous two years, the Giants are not known for striking out too often.

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