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NBA Playoffs action this year has seen plenty of surprise values for the astute sports betting handicappers to make profits from. NBA Playoffs action this year has also seen the opposite of that with heavy overlays that have burned the general sports betting public.

There is no greater example of a team making gamblers pay for overlays this NBA Playoffs season than the Los Angeles Lakers, who are consistently one of the most overpriced sports betting commodities that can be found anywhere on the board.

Through their first 14 games in the NBA Playoffs the Lakers got the cash in just 6 of those matchups against the spread while losing the remaining 8.  This was despite having a straight up record of 9-5 in the NBA Playoffs.

The Lakers always enter the NBA Playoffs as a heavy favorite not just because of their excellence each season, but because of their historic greatness, star quality, and all of the media attention that they get.  The Lakers are the most popular team in action for the NBA Playoffs and the general public always increases wagering activity for the post season in pro basketball.

Many general fans that normally don’t follow the NBA regular season will gamble on the NBA Playoffs and such fans will always gravitate towards the power teams, especially when they are playing at home.  These casual fans simply ignore the concept of value when betting the NBA Playoffs and the odds makers know this.

The odds makers also know that they are going to get a lot of heavy public action on the Lakers, especially when they are playing at home, and as a result the line will be jacked up on LA, higher than where it actually belongs, in order to attract gambling action towards their less desirable opponents. The Lakers home record of 4-5 against the spread in post season action this year demonstrates their lack of value.

The one area where the Lakers can offer some quality value is on the road.  They were 23-18 against the spread in the regular season for road games this year compared to just 20-21 against the board at home. is your home for the NBA post season. Open an account for all of the action through The Finals!


Bet on the MLBGamblers might feel compelled to place their baseball bets on San Francisco. Rival evaluators who scouted the Giants’ offensive work during spring training all left thinking the same thing; pitchers from opposing teams will have to dig deep. Similar to the Kansas City Royals of the previous two years, the Giants are not known for striking out too often.

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