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2009 Tour de France fans saw a stunning development after the Sunday stage when Lance Armstrong basically threw in the towel and admitted defeat against the Tour de France odds. 2009 Tour de France betting is now focused on the heavy favorite against the Tour de France odds, Alberto Contador, as he blew away the field and took a minute and a half lead.

The Astana team led by Contador and Armstrong has been dominant so far in the 2009 Tour de France and they are now committed to focusing on getting Contador to final victory against the Tour de France odds.

Sunday was quite a blow to Armstrong and his hopes and dreams of winning the 2009 Tour de France.  Armstrong has not been the best teammate for Astana and Contador as he as caused what many believe to be unnecessary tension for the 2009 Tour de France.  It is also now evident that although Armstrong talked of winning and that there was a lot of hype regarding his return to the 2009 Tour de France after a four year absence that he was not ready or capable of actually winning the event.

Contador climbed the Alps with ease and as the 2009 Tour de France headed into the mountain climbing stage it seemed to favor Contador blowing away the field as he did on Sunday.  Contador is like Armstrong in his prime in that he entered the 2009 Tour de France with a reputation as a monster climber.

Armstrong has said that he will be a good, obedient, and loyal teammate and that after Sunday Contador proved to be the best rider in the 2009 Tour de France field.  Armstrong hopes to improve his image among the French, who have never warmed up to him despite his seven previous titles in the tour.

Still, the event has to be a blow to Armstrong’s enormous ego, especially after the tension he caused amongst the Astana team earlier in the event.  Armstrong can still save his reputation with a good finish and with Contador getting his help and support.


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