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Much has been made about the 2015 Women's World Cup being played on artificial turf. The stadiums in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal and Moncton all feature artificial turf. There are a few noteworthy points about this that fans should see as the event comes closer.

Injury Concerns

While it is true that developments in the field of artificial turf have helped to make it more realistic and easier to use than other surfaces, there are still concerns that this turf might be threatening to players. This comes from concerns over the injuries that may come about while playing on a field that is a little harder than natural grass.

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Many Are CFL Fields

With the exception of the stadium in Moncton, the fields for the World Cup also double as Canadian Football League fields. The CFL plays predominantly on artificial turf surfaces although the Edmonton Eskimos did not adopt that until a few years ago. The CFL season will run concurrent with the World Cup, thus making it impossible for the fields to be switched around.

In addition, Montreal's Olympic Stadium is an indoor venue. This makes it next to impossible for grass to work here.

A Lawsuit Was Once Held

A number of players from around the world joined into a lawsuit to try and get FIFA to ask for grass fields at all of these venues during the World Cup. However, the lawsuit was eventually thrown out. FIFA insisted that the games will be played on artificial turf and that there is no alternative to use.

A Sense of Consistency

There is also a need to ensure that the fields in the World Cup are as consistent as possible. It would be unfair to some sides if certain teams were to play on natural grass while others can only go on natural grass. Therefore, the need to stick with turf on all six venues will be a point that has to be used as the event comes along.

The controversy over the use of artificial turf in the 2015 Women's World Cup should more than likely die down after a while. The concern over the field has still be heard.


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