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Soccer betting has never been more popular as there is world wide wagering on soccer games, unlike other sports that have more regional appeal.  Soccer betting uses a money line, which is similar to wagering on the National Hockey League or Major League Baseball.

The difference when you wager on soccer games is that you have a THIRD option which is to bet on the game ending in a tie/draw.  An example of a soccer betting line would be:

Germany +$150
England -$150
Draw +$210

As you see in soccer betting it is possible for BOTH teams to be underdogs because of the draw option being part of the line.  The soccer betting term for this is 1x2.  Keep in mind that approximately 30 percent of all soccer betting results are draws.

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If you took Germany in our example and the game ended in a 1-1 draw, you would lose the bet.  You can also bet on soccer games with the Asian handicap which is limited to just the two teams involved in the soccer betting match.  An example of an Asian handicap line would be:

Germany +$110
England +$110

The good part about an Asian handicap is that the draw is removed and this lowers the odds.  Plus you get a refund if the game ends in a draw.  The bad news about this soccer betting method is that the odds are also lowered making the payoffs for a win less profitable.

Soccer betting usually carries a larger “house edge” with a “hold” that is often TWICE as large than a traditional American football game.  The “hold” of an American football game is around 4.55 percent on a -$110 line while in soccer betting the “hold” can be anywhere from 9 to 11 percent.

North American books tend to lower the “hold” while European books will not, which means that they offer gamblers less value.  Another thing to keep in mind about soccer is that it is a very low scoring game.

Most European games average 2.5 goals per game, making for very low totals.  Road teams trend poorly in soccer as most of the results are either draws or host wins.

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