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Jacks or Better

American symbols to spin and win,what American Slots is all about. This slot is of the same family of the “one-armed bandits”.  Sometimes called "one-armed bandits", arising from the single handle used to operate the machines, slot machines are by far the most popular from of casino gaming.

The typical Las Vegas Strip casino will have literally thousands of these noisy, colorful machines promising jackpots ranging from hundreds to millions of dollars! American Slots lets you try your luck with timeless American symbols! Spin and win!

How to play

American Slots is like many other slot machines you may have played. You choose a bet amount by clicking the bet selector on the left side of the game.

The pay table is visible above the reels. On the left of the pay table are a rows showing the winning symbol combinations. There are also columns which show your actual winnings for symbol combinations.
By clicking on the 'Bet One' button you can increase your bet, and change the column which you are betting on. Note that the more you bet, the higher your winnings.

If you spin a winning combination you determine the payout by matching the symbol combination with the column you bet on. For example, you bet on the third column with a coin value of .05 and you spin a combination of three American eagles. The payout would be .30. The slot machine will show you your winning payout by flashing the payout on the Payout Table.


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