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The easiest way to explain a Round Robin Bet is that it is a method of betting sides or totals on several parlays all at the same time. Or basically two team parlays betting on up to ten teams.

This combination of betting different parlays that is derived from your round robin bet is simply every possible combination of the selected games chosen. The number of individual betting parlays that result from your round robin will be determined by the number of plays involved in the round robin parlay. Imagine that you want to create a round robin parlay with betting lines from four separate games. In this betting situation you can create two-team parlays, three-team parlays or both.

You can determine the betting amount for each parlay, but it must be the same for all. The betting payoff odds for each parlay are calculated the same as normal parlays. So that you may have a better understanding of betting round robins, please review the following.

You are interested in betting a $10 three-team round robin parlay using two team combinations. The lines for the three teams you chose are: Patriots -4. Steelers. -3 and Cowboys -6. In this case you will create three separate two-team parlays in the following manner:

  1. Patriots -4 and Steelers -3
  2. Steelers -3 and Cowboys -6
  3. Patriots -4 and Cowboys -6

Each of the two-team parlays has the normal payout odds of 2.6/1. The Total cost of the bet would be (three $10 two-team parlays) for a total cost of $30. Several different results can occur with this round robin bet. Should none or only one game win then you will lose all three parlays and the $30. If two of the plays win then one parlay wins (+$26) and two lose (-$20) which gives you a net betting profit of $6. If all three plays win then you win (3 x $26) or $78.

Should you choose a round robin involving four teams you can still use the two-team combination parlays. In that case you would have six different two-team parlays at ($10 x 6) or a total cost of $60.

The Round Robin bets give you a great option when the betting board consists if several lines/odds on teams in which you have a lot of confidence as it permits you to create small betting parlays involving those same teams at those odds.

Bet Royal does not allow Round Robins on any of the following:
· Soccer Favorite goal line and total OVER of the same game
· Hockey Favorite goal line and total OVER of the same game
· Football Favorite side and total OVER of the same game when ratio between the side and total is less than 3/1
· Basketball Favorite side and total OVER of the same game (managers discretion)


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