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These types of wagers are basically two If Win, Tie or Cancel wagers. They can be used whenever a bettor is betting the sides or the totals.

This means that a reverse bet with a couple of games is placed as two different If bets and has the teams in both possible orders. In the two cases, the secondary bet in each If bet will be activated or placed only in the event that the first wager is a win, push or a cancel.

In order to have a better comprehension of this type of bet, look at the following example. Lets say you would like to bet on the odds of two separate matches – Jets -7 at -110 and Bears -3 at -110. Your reverse bet would look like this:

Jets -7 (risking $110 to win $100)

If win, tie, or cancel then

Bears -3 (risking $110 to win $100)


Bears -3 (risking $110 to win $100)

If win, tie, or cancel then

Jets -7 (risking $110 to win $100)

Realize that the two distinct if bets have been created using the sports betting odds of the two plays.

Now, it will be useful to consider the different possible outcomes that could result from this example using the odds listed above. They are as follows:

both teams win: +$400

one team wins, one ties: +$200

one teams wins, one team loses: -$120

one team loses, one team ties: -$220

both teams lose: -$220

The majority of action around reverse bets is done with just two teams. This gives the betting enthusiast two separate if bets, as was shown in the example above. However, it is also possible to enjoy sports betting with reverse bets involving more than two teams.

In these scenarios, two team if bets are created in every possible combination. For example, a three team reverse would have six possible combinations, a four team reverse would have 12 possible combinations, a five team reverse would have 20 possible combinations, a six team reverse would have 30 possible combinations, etc.

Bet Royal does not allow Reverse Bets on any of the following:
· Soccer Favorite goal line and total OVER of the same game
· Hockey Favorite goal line and total OVER of the same game
· Football Favorite side and total OVER of the same game when ratio between the side and total is less than 3/1
· Basketball Favorite side and total OVER of the same game (managers discretion)


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