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A Prop Bet (many times referred to as a side bet, prop bet, prop or exotic) is a bet made on an outcome or proposition of a special event or a sports game.

Proposition Bets are normally tailored to the bettor’s taste. For example, one can bet on many runs a specific baseball player scores, how many times a basketball player will steal the ball, or how many passes will a quarterback complete.  These prop bets don’t have to be for one specific game.

Some good examples:

  • What team will score 1st in a game
  • Will there be a score in the 1st quarter of the game
  • Team to have the most touchdowns in a game
  • Will the team that leads at half-time win the game?

A prop bet, as in the case of some NFL prop bets can be for the length of the season. An example in the case would be the total number of yards rushed for a season. Prop bets are not available at all times. They are very popular in the sport of football and baseball.

In Football many bettors do not place prop bets throughout the season but when the NFL Super Bowl comes around they will make several prop bets on that game.  Most of the prop bets are focused on details of a game, like the number of TD’s a team will make, or the number of yards a certain player will achieve, or which team will score first in the game.

Most prop bets are unique, but once you have made prop bets you will normally find that those same prop bets are normally available from year to year or season to season.

The Prop bets are gaining more popularity as it gives bettor’s the opportunity to bet on things beside the normal lines, winners, or totals.  Prop betting is very similar to playing fantasy football, and that has become very popular among bettors.
Proposition bets are fairly popular because placing an exotic wager gives bettors an opportunity to wager on something besides the normal spread, winner, or total.  Also, wagering on proposition bets is somewhat similar to playing fantasy football, which is a popular hobby among many bettors.

In addition to being entertaining, they often offer great value.  The key to betting successfully on prop bets is to really focus on the events relevant to the prop bet. Such, as if you are betting on the number of errors a shortstop will make in a baseball game then don’t focus on who will win the game or by how many points. Instead one must focus on specific details about the shortstop like previous errors; personal issues anything that detracts from that position. Once you have mastered the ability to focus on the issues relevant to the prop bet you will better understand the odds, and the details will become clearer.
All sportsbooks normally present many proposition bets, and most often more than the average person would want to bet on, but there is a great chance that some of the prop bets have a very good value.

We are sure you will find exciting Prop Bets on your favorite sporting events and that’s as easy as opening an account with today.


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