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craps-iconOne Online Craps Tip that you may want to look at involves placing numbers. A lot of Online Craps players leave their bet up and take the initial win over and over again or they take their bet down and miss out on a big roll.

What you want to remember is that a good strategy with placing numbers is to take the winnings on your first hit and then let it ride on the second hit. You could then follow with taking and letting it ride on your successive bets as you play craps online.

Another Online Craps tip is to always take full odds behind your pass line bet. There are way too many Online Craps players that fail to take odds on their pass line bets. You always want to reduce the house edge when playing Online Craps and taking full odds is a great way to do that. Remember that a good craps strategy can help you turn a losing session into a winning one. Consider placing numbers and always remember to play full odds as you play Online Craps.

If you are looking to play craps online then you will want to look at some of these tips that will definitely help your bottom line and increase your winnings.

1. The Pass Line bet and the place 6 or 8 are two of the best bets in the casino. The house advantage is less than 2 percent and it is tough to find those odds at any game.

2. Be prepared to back up your pass line bet with full odds. Understand what your options at the casino are, and what odds you are offered. Always bet the maximum to back up your pass line bet.

3. Avoid all the prop bets. They are not worth it. The casino’s advantage gets to be absurd with some of them, as high as 15 or 16 percent.

4. Know the table minimum and don’t go into the game unprepared. You need a bankroll to handle betting full odds. If you don’t like the minimum then switch to a table with a lower limit.

5. Playing a pass line bet and a come bet or two is more than enough. Don’t get caught playing everything on the table. Keep your discipline and stick with what works.

6. Don’t buck the streaks, recognize them and go with them. If no pass bets are winning for you, don’t force them. On the other hand, if you are hitting everything in sight, go with the flow and increase your wagers.

7. Learn and practice at the game before getting carried away betting too much money. Many online casino sites let you play for free. Get accustomed to the layout, the feel, and be comfortable before shelling out your real money.

8. Set a loss limit. Don’t lose more than what you set. If you don’t set some sort of limit then you could chase losses the entire session.

9. Ride those streaks for all they are worth. Craps is perhaps best known for its streaks. Go with them. Don’t be stubborn and say a streak has to end, by the time it does you may be broke.

10. Always remember to be disciplined. Don’t chase your losses. Don’t let your emotions carry you into bad decisions. Stay focused and you will definitely show more profits.


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