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Bet on the NHLAs is common knowledge by now the NHL will be expanding into Las Vegas unfortunately, having a franchise in Sin City has raised some questions within the hockey betting community. These questions revolve mostly around game-fixing with fans having some doubts that the NHL’s integrity can remain intact if they expand into a city the likes of Las Vegas. These questions of course are validated because sports betting is legal in Las Vegas and thus, opens a window for people who want to rig games due to the impressive profits it could reap. History is filled with examples of such behavior, most notable of these is Operation Slapshot. Moving the NHL into gambling’s back yard will obviously raise these types of concerns, but fans shouldn’t worry for too long because the league’s commissioner, Gary Bettman, has been hard at work easing their concerns.


Fresh off the wire is Tuesday’s announcement that the NHL will be expanding its relationship with Sportsradar. Sportsradar AG is a multinational corporation based in Switzerland who has made it their mission to collect and analyze data in an effort to monitor sports betting patterns in global gambling markets. They then use their fraud detection system to help find any irregularities within the data and ultimately help protect against game-fixing. Sportsradar was founded in 2000 and since then they have secured contracts with some of the most prestigious sporting organizations around the world including the IOC, UEFA, and the NFL. The data monitoring company has been hard at work locking up contracts with the 4 major sports leagues in the US, and earlier this month there were reports that Sportsradar was negotiating a colossal, multi-year deal with the NBA. One thing’s for certain, if you’re looking for a company to help protect the integrity of your sport, then Sportsradar is by far the optimal choice.

The NHL may be not be the first in seeking third parties for integrity monitoring, but their decision could not have come at a better time. Sportsradar already had a relationship with the NHL that began before the 2015 season; they were the exclusive third party provider for the NHL’s real-time game data. Now that they’ve begun to use Sportsradar’s fraud detection system the NHL will be adding another layer of security to its affairs. Sportsradar has the ability to monitor sports betting activity across more than 550 operators giving them the ability to easily locate any suspicious activity.

“Our award-winning FDS (Fraud Detections System) monitors over 100,000 matches across 12 sports around the world each year and we are delighted the NHL has chosen this system.” Andreas Krannich, Sportsradar’s managing director of integrity services, stated for the press.

With the new deal in place the NHL will now have all of its regular season and playoff games monitored. This is a turnaround for Bettman whose comments earlier this year made it seem that the NHL was confident their sports was free from illicit activities. Now that the NHL has inked a new deal with Sportsradar, fans across the nation can share Bettman’s confidence.


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