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Bet on the NHLThere is no good news to report on the NHL lockout front as of Thursday. As a matter of fact, in a negative development, all September preseason games have been officially canceled. While no one puts much emphasis on these exhibition contests, it just serves to push the timeline back as to when the real games will begin in 2012, if at all.

NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr and the commissioner, Gary Bettman have not spoke in 4 days and no future meetings are scheduled at this time. Bettman's history in these types of negotiations further adds to the uncertainty of an agreement anytime soon.

The players are willing to work under the old collective bargaining agreement, but Bettman and the owners want no part in that, as long as the revenue split is 57 percent to 43 in the skaters' favor. In reality, the owners are looking to flip flop those numbers.

NHL players are already seeking contracts with European teams in the seemingly likely event that this lockout is a prolonged one.

With the NHL Lockout seemingly a long-term affair, it may be best to check out some of the other fall-winter professional sports going on right now. NFL football is in full swing, with Week 3 games starting tonight, and MLB baseball is gearing up for the playoffs soon. Also college football has dozens of game to bet on every weekend.

In just a few months, the NBA will resume with a regular season schedule of 82 games, rather than the shortened season we were given last year. Maybe, by that time, the NHL lockout will have ended and hockey betting fans will be able to check out at least a shortened schedule, rather than a canceled season.

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