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Bet on the NHLThe NHL expressed a strong desire to expand from the thirty teams that it already has. The team is hoping to get to thirty-two teams but the options for what would come about if expansion was to occur deserve to be considered.

Las Vegas Wants In

A private group in the city of Las Vegas held a season ticket drive and reached its goal of ten thousand season ticket pledges to possibly bring in a new team in the city for the 2016-17 season. The MGM-AEG Arena is being built on the south end of the Strip and should open in time for that season. However, the group may be trying to hold off to get more pledges as a means of bolstering its campaign.

Seattle Is Competing

The city of Seattle has been trying to get an expansion team or to at least have the NBA come back in town. However, there have been several competing stadium proposals that have the plan for expanding to Seattle complicated. The KeyArena, the current major arena in the city, has been deemed to be unsuitable for NHL standards.

Quebec's New Arena

The city of Quebec, which has not had an NHL team since 2015, has built a new arena called the Videotron Centre. It is expected to open in September 2015. However, it is unclear as to if the NHL will consider Quebec as an expansion option.

What Are the Expansion Fees?

Anyone that wants to get a new NHL team would have to pay an extensive expansion fee just to get into the league. The expansion fee for a single new team would be about $500 million US. Some reports in late 2014 said that if the Toronto area was to get a second team then its expansion fee would be even higher at $1.2 billion US. The money would be given to the league and divided between the other teams for the most part.

What About Relocation?

Relocation has been an alternative as a means of bringing in more revenue to the NHL. However, the NHL has stated that it does not plan on relocating any team in the near future. This still comes amid concerns about the significant operating losses the Arizona Coyotes have been incurring plus the concerns among the owners of the Florida Panthers over whether or not their business model can actually turn a profit.


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