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Bet on the NHLHockey betting odds have gushed red ink with the Detroit Red Wings, Ottawa Senators, and Philadelphia Flyers after two months of hockey betting action. Hockey betting odds have gone bust with Detroit from the very start of the hockey betting season as the Red Wings have been the biggest overlay on the board.

Detroit is one of the most popular teams on the hockey betting odds board and rivals the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, baseball’s New York Yankees, and the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys as being a hockey betting version of the ultimate NHL betting “name brand team” that the general public and casual fans flock to.  Since Detroit attracts so much public money with the hockey betting odds they are most often grossly overpriced and that makes for expensive losses for gamblers.  A great example comes from November 25 when the Red Wings were -$168 home favorites with the hockey betting odds in a 0-2 home loss to the Atlanta Thrashers.   Atlanta has been one of the top teams this year with the hockey betting odds and there is no way th at the line should have been so high but it was due to the public flocking to the Red Wings no matter what.

The Philadelphia Flyers are another “name brand team” with the hockey betting odds as a perennial playoff contender with a large national following that goes back to their “Broad Street Bullies” era of the 1970’s.  Much like Detroit, the Flyers are often an overlay with the hockey betting odds due to their popularity as they were next to last in money lost after two months of play despite having an overall record of 13-10-0-1.  A great example of Philadelphia’s expensive hockey betting odds comes from their November 27, 2-4 loss to the Buffalo Sabres as -$136 favorites.

The Ottawa Senators problems are similar to understand as they are also a team that has become a consistent overlay despite a winning record. When laying odds with the favorite it is important to get a fair price and not pay too much.  The three biggest money losers in hockey all have winning straight up records but have gone bust as over priced favorites that are busting bankrolls.


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