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Bet on the NHLDetroit Red Wings coach Mike Babcock has been a popular name that has been thrown around over the last few years with regards to being a coach for any other team in the NHL. Babcock has been feted as a star who could do well outside Detroit, the team that he has coached since 2005. He is a coach who has the experience and effort to make it in the big leagues and could be a great candidate for anyone.

Babcock's status has particularly become interesting with many players leaving Detroit and his coaching staff moving on to other teams. In fact, Babcock has managed to negotiate a plan with the Wings that would allow him to essentially become a free agent of sorts in July. This means that he could go around and look for a job with any other team in the league.

Babcock may prove to be someone who might be interesting to find and could be amazing for any team, what with his extensive history in the game. However, vacancies in Buffalo, Philadelphia, San Jose and Toronto will give him plenty of great choices to go around and use. The fact the Todd Nelson may not stick around with Edmonton for too far along will especially be important.

Still, there are a number of different coaching candidates that could be interesting. Dan Blysma has not gotten a job since being fired by Pittsburgh last year. Also, Ken Hitchcock's position in St. Louis could be in jeopardy, thus making him another possible coaching candidate. Some teams may even be willing to give former Toronto coach Randy Carlysle a second chance in the league.

The potential for Mike Babcock to get another job in the NHL outside of Detroit could be interesting to find. He could be in for a big payday with any team if he chooses to actually leave the Red Wings. However, the competition that is around could end up making a difference in terms of what is around and if he could get a good job in some form.


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