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Bet on the NFL With Derek Anderson and Max Hall down and out, and John Skelton set to start for Arizona against Denver on Sunday, I can't help but wonder what is up with former Cardinals first-round pick. Well, as much as we'd like to say he'd be better than anything Arizona has right now -- I've said it, and I'm still saying it -- he's still Houston's third-team quarterback.

Leinart is not in Matt Schaub’s league, but he's still sitting behind Dan Orlovsky. That shouldn't be taken as a slight. Orlovsky was in the system well before Leinart arrived after getting cut at the end of preseason, and Orlovsky knew how to run Houston's offense. Leinart barely does, since he spends all of every practice running scout team.  Speaking with Texans quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp about Leinart and his perspective was probably somewhat bias, but still very honest.

Knapp doesn’t think that you can't question his work ethic. It makes him think Leinart is setting him up like people do by explaining the not-so-pretty girl's strengths before laying bare the drawback. Leinart has jumped into things head first. Three times a week he's with Knapp at 6:45 in the morning to learn the plays and go over video. He stays after. Clearly, he is doing what he needs to do.  Knapp said Leinart also has welcomed some tinkering to his mechanics.

Sports betting fans should consider one of the commonly known drawbacks to Leinart's game was his lack of anticipation and his tendency to pat the ball and telegraph his throws.

By all accounts, Leinart is doing okay -- but he's still behind Orlovsky. Where some people might misread Leinart, and it wasn't just Knapp saying this, it is that Leinart is so laid-back and easy going, you have no idea if his teammates and coaches can tell if he's really into it. There doesn't seem to be a lack of urgency and if there is, some people might not be able to tell.  That trait has befallen many players before Leinart, especially at a position where a sense of urgency and leadership are crucial.

Leinart was one of the first players on the field before the Texans lost to Philadelphia last Thursday, and we spoke for a few minutes. Good guy, who clearly wants to be good and will do what it takes to get another shot.  As part of the conversation, Knapp seemed somewhat uncertain, capping his remarks about biding his time with a final cliché- one of these days… one of these years.


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