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Bet on the NFLIt's official. Super Bowl week has finally arrived. Both the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers will be arriving in Dallas on Monday to start preparing for the big game. The Steelers get into town at around 12:30 pm, while the Packers fly in a few hours afterwards, at around 4:30 pm. And with that, let all of the speculation and team watching reach an even higher level of excitement.

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As the most popular sports event in the USA and the most popular betting event around the world, it seems that nearly everyone has something wrapped up in the Super Bowl. From placing a bet on your favorite team to arguing with friends and family for the entire week after the game about which commercial was “the best,” the Super Bowl is a national phenomenon.

But with so much speculation and hype about the big game every year, is there anything that is really new or unique about this year? Heck, yes! Rarely before in Super Bowl history have two more deserving teams made it all the way. No one can predict with any certainty who will win, and even sportsbook oddsmakers have only decided on Green Bay because they have to pick someone to win the game.

There is no real underdog in the fight this year. Both teams came off of strong regular seasons, had some great performances in the playoffs, and narrowly missed being beaten in their division championship games. If either the Packers or Steelers had lost those division championship games, then the hype and Super Bowl odds may have been a completely different story.

But as it is, two amazing teams made it to the Super Bowl and will now have to face off against each other in less than a week. Will the game itself live up to the high expectations or will it be a blow-out one ay or the other? In either event, let's all just take the week to enjoy the excitement of the game, the halftime show, the commercials, and the de facto American holiday known as Super Bowl Sunday.


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