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As the NFL season and playoffs start drawing to close, football fans can’t help but look forward to the Super Bowl betting. This year the Super Bowl XLIII betting odds should be as exciting as ever as the parity in the NFC and AFC has reached an unprecedented level.

Super Bowl betting odds will be unique in many ways, as every Super Bowl betting opportunity is, but from a fan and betting perspective there are many reasons to be specially optimistic about a great game this year. Traditionally, over the past few decades the NFL betting odds have generally been entirely unbalanced in terms of the conference strength and the teams represented in Super Bowl betting are rarely competitive.

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But if the regular season has been any indicator this season, the two teams playing in the Super Bowl XLIII betting should be very evenly matched. Fans that enjoyed the epic struggle in last year’s Super Bowl betting can expect more of the same great action this year. Last year, the Giants pulled the biggest upset in Super Bowl history in what is regarded as an instant classic. The Super Bowl XLIII betting has that same kind of potential.

Glancing through the current standings in NFL football, the teams at the top of both conferences are very good and whichever teams are represented in the Super Bowl XLIII betting will be very evenly matched. Early on in the season it seemed that the NFC might be the better conference but on the whole, as the Super Bowl XLIII betting approached, it seems that the top teams in both conferences are very evenly matched.

The NFC East is quite strong and could very well send a team to the Super Bowl XLIII betting. But there is no team in the NFC that seems as though it’s capable of dominating any top AFC team. The AFC North has several very good teams that would love to be included in the Super Bowl and with two teams likely headed for the playoffs; we could very easily see an AFC North team in the Super Bowl XLIII betting lines. But the AFC South is also potent as is the NFC South.

In short, there are many good teams in the NFL season and the Super Bowl XLIII betting berths appear wide open. But the difference in this year’s battle for the Super Bowl compared to most years, is that the likely candidates for the Super Bowl XLIII betting in both conferences are both very good, and that should mean one of the most competitive Super Bowls ever.

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