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Bet on the NFL Can the Pittsburgh Steelers put together two decent halves of football?

If not, then you can give the Lombardi trophy to the Green Bay Packers right now. While the Steelers were able to squeak by the Ravens after giving up 21 points in the first half, they may not have so many opportunities to make mistakes in the Super Bowl.

Furthermore, the Steelers had a terrible second half in the AFC championship game against the Jets. Pittsburgh went into the halftime up by three touchdowns, and then ended up winning the game by just five points. Going from a three touchdown lead to winning the game by less than one touchdown shows that the Steelers have had some problems with consistency in the 2011 NFL Playoffs.

In the Super Bowl, Pittsburgh will not have the leeway to have one good half and one bad half. In order to win it all, the team will have to put together a pair of good halves and have a well-rounded game offensively and defensively. The Green Bay Packers are a better team than either the Jets or the Ravens, both of which the Steelers had some problems beating decisively.

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With the strong defense of the Packers, Pittsburgh will not be able to take half the game off and rely on just a couple of quarters of solid football. They will have to come with the A-game for both halves in order to win the 2011 Super Bowl, and sportsbook odds are already favoring the Green Bay Packers. While the Packers may not be a whole lot better than the Ravens or Jets, they will force Pittsburgh to play more than one half a game of football.

The Packers also have a solid offense, quite unlike the Jets and the Ravens which both suffered from having great offenses. All in all, Green Bay will be a much more difficult team to beat than any the Steelers have played thus far in their march to the Super Bowl. If they can put together two good halves, however, the Super Bowl odds may be wrong this year and the Steelers will win it all.


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