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Bet on the NFL As we head into the 2010 NFL Playoff Season let’s start talking about Super Bowl predictions. The Philadelphia Eagles vs. the New England Patriots. This would be an ideal game. The top two quarterbacks, and potential NFL MVP’s battling on Super Bowl Sunday. Both Brady and Vick have had phenomenal seasons. Vick of course battling an destroyed image, overcoming jail time and legal problems only to come back to football better than ever, and with a very quick turn around too. Then there is Tom Brady, who was able to take a 6th round selection into 3 Super Bowl victories and quiet arguably one of the greatest seasons a QB has ever had in the NFL. When sports betting consider that both teams have different talents to offer. The Eagles have exceptional speed and athleticism, while the Pats have a book of clever plays up their sleeve at all times.

But now let’s look at some of their weaknesses. For New England that would be their secondary. They have allowed 263 passing yards per game, which, believe it or not, is the second worst in the NFL. But with a coach like Bill Belichick they find a way to stop any offense, no matter how powerful. He has even put the man, Peyton Manning in his place. The Pats have an excellent special teams that could come in handy against DeSean Jackson and his ability to return. As for taking down Michael Vick? New England has a plethora of young fast players to challenge even the Vick. Maybe it will be a problem stopping him, but if they can at least slow him down then Brady can take advantage and go after the Eagles also weak secondary. Some argue that the Pats have an inexperienced defense that will fail to contain Michael Vick, and may also argue that the Eagles’ defense is very consistent, and just as long as they can keep it together mentally they have what it takes to take down the New England Patriots. Then again, some bet makers are predicting that the Pats will let it all go before Super Bowl Sunday even arrives, saying that the Ravens will put the Pats in their place once in for all. Stay with for all the latest NFL betting updates as the Playoffs quickly approach.


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