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Bet on the NFLFor the past 3 years at least, the Super Bowl has only gotten more popular. A poll just conducted by Penn Schoen Berland indicates that 78% of Americans plan to watch the big game, up 5% from 2010 and 10% from 2009. With more people watching the game, more will be placing bets on everything from which team will win to whether the coin toss will end up heads or tails. And all of this means more opportunities to win big with a sportsbook.

So far, the betting community is leaning towards the Green Bay Packers to win the Super Bowl, but only slightly. Forty-five percent of the people polled are rooting for Green Bay, while 39% are holding out for a Pittsburgh victory. But even these numbers are somewhat deceiving, as non-whites and Democrats support the Steelers; if you're Republican or white, you're probably a Green Bay fan.

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Women are also flocking to supporting the Super Bowl as a game and national holiday, as well, rather than just a delivery vehicle for amusing commercials. The poll shows that 68% of American women are expected to watch the big game, an increase of 9% since 2009s matchup. And 7 out of 10 people who watch the Super Bowl do it for the game – not the commercials (although only 6 in 10 women watch for the game itself).

Despite its somewhat controversial reputation for providing unbiased news and political commentary, Fox is far and away the favorite when it comes to broadcasting sporting events. A majority of Americans would pick Fox Sports to show the Super Bowl, which works out for the network as it will be broadcasting the big game this year. This year, record ratings are expected for the network's coverage of the event.

Unfortunately, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is not quite as liked as the Fox Sports Team. He is ranked as the most disliked player in this year's Super Bowl, and comes in at the fourth most-disliked player in the NFL. The only players that rank above Roethlisberger are Brett Favre of the Minnesota Vikings, Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles, and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

A final interesting note from the poll is that the Super Bowl is the second most important day of the year for most American males, who get more excited about the big game than any other day of the year. This includes Thanksgiving, birthdays, and even their anniversary. The only other day that is more important than the Super Bowl: Christmas.


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