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Bet on the NFL For sports betting fans, the Green Bay Packers have been a surprise all season.

After nearly missing the playoffs at all, the team has overcome Michael Vick and the Philadephia Eagles and longtime rivals the Chicago Bears to make it to Super Bowl XLV.

Vegas has had no choice but to make Green Bay the favored team in this year's Big Game, as the football team has been paying off hard throughout the playoffs for the Packers fans betting on the playoff season games. The line has moved in the past two days after it was originally posted.

As the money has been pouring into the Super Bowl odds, the Packers are now moving toward a 3 point favorite in the Super Bowl odds. Point spreads are meant to be ever-changing based on the emotions and analysis of the teams playing against each other, but Green Bay has been especially gifted in creating wins that pay out this year.

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So will the Packers continue to attract the money for the next few weeks before the actual Big Game is played? While possible, it should not be expected. The team is coming off a big win against the Chicago Bears in the NFC championship game, but it was an ugly win: the Bears lost their first string QB, and the Packers only won by a touchdown. Can the Packers really take on a strong Pittsburgh Steelers organization?

The team has not improved dramatically just by making it to the Super Bowl, and beating a wounded Chicago team by only 7 points may not bode well for Green Bay's ultimate success. Public opinion is currently with the Packers, but it may change very quickly as sportsbook fans begin to analyze both teams more closely.


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