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Bet on the NFL  Going into the Super Bowl XLV weekend the Green Bay Packers will be representing the NFC.

The regular season was 17 grueling weeks of football for these boys and in addition to exhaustion and being physically worn out, they then also had to deal with the post-season, playoff nerves. For some it was nothing, easy breezy, for other it was a literal game changer. Mental state is an enormous part of any sport, so you should never be surprised when you see underdogs triumph and giants fall during the NFL playoff season.

Here is what you need to know when placing your Super Bowl bets. For the NFC the Green Bay Packers battled the Chicago Bears in a fight to the death, and the right to the Conference Championship title. Int the Division Playoffs, the Packers beat the Atlanta Falcons at 48-21 on the road. The Packers finished the regular season in second place for the NFC with a 10-6 record.

When placing your Super Bowl bets remember that Sportsbook lists the Green Bay Packers as the slight favorites at minus 3, with the total over under at 44.5.

The Chicago Bears were the first in the NFC North with an impressive 11-5 regular season record. They were able to rest in a bye week during the wildcard weekend, and were pretty shocked to find out that the divisional playoffs were against the Seahawks instead of the Saints. Since the Packers took down the Falcons the weekend before, the Bears battled Green Bay in a fight for the NFC title, a game which the ultimately lost even though the Bears won the NFC North this season along with hold home-field advantage over Green Bay. But with the way the Packers are playing right now, they might be the scariest No. 6 seed in history. It was the third time the two teams met this season.

The Packers have recently arrived in Dallas and due to a winter storm had to move their practice inside. Wind chills have been below zero in the Dallas area, it is almost as if the Green Bay Packers brought a little weather along with them. Quarterback Aaron Rogers said he didn’t believe the move to an indoor practice wouldn’t make much of an impact, as the Super Bowl will be played with a closed roof anyways.


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