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Bet on the NFLThere are a few updates to articles we posted earlier this week. A couple of them involve the upcoming Super Bowl, with injury drama from both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. Another story involves the partial sale of the New York Mets due to fallout from the owners' involvement with Bernie Madoff. And the final update is related to Memphis Grizzlies guard O.J. Mayo.

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First of all, the news from the Pittsburgh Steelers is that their rookie center Maurkice Pouncey will not be playing in the Super Bowl game next weekend. He had been questionable but mostly out of the game due to an ankle injury he sustained during the AFC championship game against the New York Jets. Now it is known that Pouncey has a fractured ankle, as well as a high ankle sprain, which will keep him out of the big game.

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Moving on to the Green Bay Packers, everyone remembers the side show with the injured reserve players not being in the Super Bowl team picture. Everything seemed to be ironed out when the photo was rescheduled to include all the players. But then quarterback Aaron Rodgers made some controversial statements to the press about the injured players choice of rehab locations. Linebacker Nick Barnett seemed a bit offended. Now it is reported that Rodgers called Barnett to clear the air, and now everything seems to be better between the two.

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In baseball news, the New York Mets' owners may put a portion of the team for sale. Martin Luther King III has expressed interested in buying a share of the team. He is part of a group of interested parties who may want to purchase partial ownership of the Mets from Fred Wilpon and his son Jeff Wilpon. The Wilpons have been considering offering 20-25% of the team for sale, and King has expressed interest in being a 50% owner. So obviously, some details need to be ironed out.

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Finally, after O.J. Mayo of the Memphis Grizzlies tested positive for DHEA, a steroid banned by the NBA, he was suspended for 10 games. Mayo now states that he picked up an energy drink from a local gas station, which caused him to test positive for the substance. Unfortunately, Mayo's third season in the NBA has been filled with drama and controversy. He has lost his starting position, gotten into a fight with a teammate over a card game, and his father was charged with attempted murder this past December. The suspension is only the latest problem for him.

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