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Bet on the NFL  In a true battle of the NFC West, the last place Arizona Cardinals host the first place St. Louis Rams. The Cards will do their best to put up a fight at home, but haven’t seen a win in a whopping 8 weeks! Not since Week 5 vs. the Saints. They currently hold a 3-8-0 record. The Rams are holding on to the NFC West lead with a 5-6-0 record so far in 2010. The St Louis Rams won their first road game of the season against another NFL team that is phoning in the remainder of the season, the Denver Broncos. Sam Bradford, the St Louis Rams starting quarterback, made the bold statement a few weeks ago on the sidelines and the comment was caught by an NFL Films crew. He basically said their division win is dependent on a road win.

The St Louis Rams defense has been underrated this season and they have been plugging away at steady click all season. The St Louis Rams defense allows just over 100 yards per game and they are holding opposing quarterbacks to 230 yards per game. The Rams defense is young but they are also fast. Their leader James Laurinaitis is young but one of the smartest defensive players in the NFL. He is also one of the hardest hitters in the NFL.

Derek Anderson and his Arizona Cardinals offense has struggled most of this season. The quarterback musical chairs and the curious release of Matt Leinert has been the catalyst to this demolition to a recent Super Bowl team. The running game could be an asset to the Arizona Cardinals if they would give it more time but they have not created a solid game plan. The St Louis Rams defense has the edge over the unraveling Arizona Cardinals offense.

The Rams are the 3 point favorites and Sportsbook lists the over under at 40.

The St Louis Rams offense is led by rookie Sam Bradford. Bradford has done more with less than some of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. The talent level of Bradford's receivers is at the lower end of the NFL spectrum. The one savior for Bradford on this St Louis Rams offense is Steven Jackson. Jackson is one of the top five running backs in the NFL and a major reason for Bradford's success.

The Arizona Cardinals defense lost Karlos Dansby last season and Joey Porter found his way to the desert to take his place. If this were a trade it would be called the most lopsided trade in history. Porter has aged by the say in the hot desert sun of Phoenix and is no longer a top NFL linebacker.

Watching Porter on Monday Night Football was telling. Porter was huffing and puffing in the third quarter and used up by the fourth quarter. The St Louis Rams offense has the edge over the Arizona Cardinals defense.



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