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Bet on the NFL  In a battle of the AFC West, the second place Arizona Chargers host the third place Oakland Raiders. The teams have 6-5-0 and 5-6-0 records consecutively. The Raiders have done nothing but lose since Bye Week in Week 10, and need to step it up on the road this weekend. Phillip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers are in their usual late season power drive to the NFL Playoffs after disposing of the Indianapolis Colts in Indianapolis last weekend. Rivers is making the best of a bad situation with many of his receivers going in and out of the line up with injuries or in Vincent Jackson's case a labor dispute.

Vincent Jackson played only a few plays after returning to the lineup for the San Diego Chargers before he was out with a calf strain. This will not go over well with San Diego Chargers general manager AJ Smith. It does appear to be a power move by Jackson but the Chargers aren't in need of his services if he is making a power move.

The Oakland Raiders defense was destroyed by the Miami Dolphins heading into this game.

The Oakland Raiders secondary was not the issue in their recent loss but the run defense failed as did their linebackers. This game will either prove the Miami Dolphins game was just lack of preparation or that was the real Oakland Raiders. The San Diego Chargers offense has a definite edge over the Oakland Raiders defense.

Brad Gradkowski, the new temporary Oakland Raiders quarterback had a rough game against a mediocre Miami Dolphins defense. Darren McFadden once again had difficulty breaking out but on this game against the San Diego Chargers he could have a big game. McFadden missed the first game against the Chargers but Michael Bush ran for 104 yards.

Jacoby Ford has been the best offensive weapon for the Oakland Raiders whether on return duty or making one of his amazing grabs over a defenders head. Ford is a one man highlight reel that fits in well with the many athletes on the Oakland Raiders offense. If they could only get them all working well together the same week.

The San Diego Chargers defense has stepped it up a notch as the season has worn on. The secondary has been among the best in the NFL and they are holding their opposition to less than 190 yards passing per game. Against the run the San Diego Chargers are equally stout. They are allowing less than 90 yards per game and they are instilling fear in every offense they face. Sports betting fans should consider that the San Diego Chargers defense has the edge over the Oakland Raiders offense.



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