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Bet on the NFL  As we get ready to enter the post season NFL madness, some of the teams that we thought we would see on the schedule in January are unfortunately missing, but to our surprise and excitement for some, are some unexpected teams, i.e the Seattle Seahawks. So as we jump in to Wild Card weekend let’s take a look at the current Super Bowl odds, breaking it down one playoff team at a time. There are a mere twelve teams left at this point in the season, 12 teams grasping at straws, trying to keep the nerves down, trying to heal faster and train harder using every bit of energy and strength they have left after a touch 17 week regular season schedule. 12 teams that are hoping to kick off 2011 with a glamorous Super Bowl ring attached to their hand. The top of the odds charts holds none other than the New England Patriots. At plus 170 odds to take the title this year, they want it and want it bad. They destroyed the Miami Dolphins in the finale week last week, showing no mery. Tom Brady and his band of merry men strike fear into the hearts of NFL athletes across the nation.

The Pittsburgh Steelers rank in at number two in the odds at this point, with plus 550 to win it all, they probably won’t be able to beat the Pats, but their strength and consistency this season has ranked them up at a remarkable number 2.

Then we have the fierce Falcons out of Atlanta, close behind at plus 600 to win. Lucky for them they have a home schedule all the way to Dallas. The current reigning Super Bowl champs the New Orleans Saints are going to have to kiss their double win dreams goodbye at plus 1000 to win it. These numbers come from their record during the regular season, they didn’t finish super strong in their division, so it looks like they will have to enjoy their last month as the champs.

The Green Bay Packers double those numbers at plus 1200 to win, and then the Indianapolis Colts at plus 1600. The Colts have been a very strong team this season, but maybe that is because they ran their team into the ground squeezing every last drop of power from each player. With so many injuries heading into the playoffs don’t place your bets on the team getting too far along.

The last two teams worth mentioning in the line up are the Philadelphia Eagles at plus 1200 and the Chicago Bears also at plus 1200. The Bears have destroyed it this season and made their fans proud, enough so to earn a first week off, but do they have what it takes to go all the way? History of course says no way. The Eagles and Michael Vick is a true triumph story, which will probably be made into a movie someday in tinseltown, or at least in a made-for-tv movie on network cable, but with all the efforst they put in this season, Vick himself is pushing it if he thinks those injuries aren’t going to affect him in the post.


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