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Bet on the NFL Going into Week 16 here are the current Playoff predictions and you team seeing update:

For the AFC the two teams getting a Bye week are the New England Patriots who are currently 14 and 2. The Division winners include the Indianapolis Colts who are 10 and 6 and the Kanasas City Chiefs who are 11 and 5. Then we have the two wild cards, the New York Jets who are 11 and 5 and the Baltimore Ravens who are 12 and 4.

Now for the NFC. The Atlanta Falcons, who are 14 and 2, and the Philadelphia Eagles, who are 12 and 4 this season, are both getting Bye weeks in the Playoffs. Then the Division winners are the Chicago Bears who are 11 and 5, and the San Francisco 49ers who are 7 and 9. The Wild Cards in the NFC are the New York Giants who are 11 and 5 and the New Orleans Saints who are also 11 and 5.

When looking at the AFC Wild card round we find two teams that have yet to battle this season. The Jets vs the Chiefs. When betting on sports note that the Chiefs are leading the NFL in rushing yards with 168.2 per game, and the Jets rank 4th in defense, allowing just 92.7 yards per game. Then there is the Ravens vs. the Colts, but first Indianapolis has to beat the Tennessee Titans and the Oakland Raiders because that would mean they tied with Jacksonville and snuck into the playoffs. The Ravens have one of the leagues best defenses, but the Colts rush defense has been lackluster this season.

For the NFC Wild Card Round we will watch the Giatns take on the Bears. They met this season in Week 4, this was a week the Bears probably want to forget as it didn’t end nicely for them. If the Bears don’t want to repeat history they will need to change their blocking schemes or push on Jay Cutler to speed up his responses. Then there is the Saints vs. the 49ers. It is predicted that no matter who starts for the 49ers, the Saints are likely to win this game. Brees has been exceptional this season, while San Francisco has not lived up to their potential.


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