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Bet on the NFLWe’re almost halfway through the 2016 NFL season, and some NFL betting fans are dumbfounded, flabbergasted, astounded, and thunderstruck, while other people who bet on football are like “yeah, I saw it coming a mile away.” As they say, hindsight is always 20/20, and in retrospective it some of the most shocking stories so far aren’t really that shocking anymore, such as the following.

The Carolina Panthers Super Bowl hangover. Cam Newton had a near-perfect 2015 season save for a couple of blemishes. One was a 13-20 loss to the Atlanta Falcons in week 16. Fortunately, they had already clinched a playoff spot about three week earlier. Unfortunately, the only other misstep was during the most important game of the entire year – Super Bowl 50 versus the Denver Broncos. Many NFL betting fans expected Newton to come back this season with the proverbial chip on his shoulder, but Von Miller may have hit him harder than we thought (and the straw hat and Sisqo goatee should have been sign that something wasn’t quite right with the 2015 league MVP).

The Cleveland Browns quarterback woes. This one is a bit of a stretch; Nostradamus tripping on peyote couldn’t have been able to foresee that the Browns would be on their sixth QB in seven weeks this regular season. Nonetheless, this is actually a self-fulfilling prophecy. Head coach Hue Jackson sealed his doom when he made Robert Griffin III his starting quarterback for the 2016 season. NFL betting fans would have thought he had learned his lesson with Johnny Manziel, but apparently that wasn’t the case.

The Minnesota Vikings’ rise. The Vikings may have lost to the Eagles, but that doesn’t change the fact that being traded to Minnesota was the best thing that could have happened to QB Sam Bradford – and vice versa. The Vikings are 5-1 and lead the NFC East division.

Andrew Luck’s lackluster performance. Say what you will about the Indianapolis Colts and starting quarterback Andrew Luck, if you’re paying someone more than any other person in the entire league, that someone should be bending over backwards to come up with ways to win. Just look at Tom Brady in 2014; he got busted, but it’s the intention that counts.

So, what will happen in the ensuing weeks as we head toward the second half of the season? One way of putting it is that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Teams like the Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers have not quite lived up to the aura of favoritism that surrounded them right before the season kicked off. Others, like the New England Patriots, have shown why their perennial favorites in spite of controversy, fads, hype, and flavors-of-the-month. Even the current Super Bowl champions the Denver Broncos seem a little hungover themselves – not as bad as the Panthers, but still. All things considered, a Super Bowl 51 match-up between the Pats and the Vikings does not seem that much of a far-fetched notion, does it?


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