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Bet on the NFL  When betting on football the following games are important to consider this weekend as they have a serious impact on the playoff season. The three games which matter the most are the Atlanta Falcons (12-3) vs. the Carolina Panthers (2-13), the Chicago Bears (11-4) vs. the Green Bay Packers (9-6) and the St. Louis Rams (7-8) vs. the Seattle Seahawks (6-9). The reason these games matter when sports betting is because the results will change the playoff scenarios. The Falcons lost to the Saints at home, even as the 2.5 pointn favorites this week, leaving their NFC South title hanging in the balance. So the January 2nd game against the Panthers, which should be an easy win, just so happens to be one of the biggest games in Week 17. The Falcons are the 14.5 point favorites this weekend, but if they manage to lose then the Saints can witn the South homefield advantage for the playoffs with a victory over the Bucs.

Very unlikely to happen however, as the Panthers are pretty much the worst team in the NFL.

Then there is the Bears vs. the Packers, the two hated rivals will meet on January second, even though the Bears are pretty set for the second seed thanks to the Eagles upset last weekend to the Vikings. But if the Bears are able to defeat the Packers than the Giants can keep their playoff dreams alive with a win over the Redskins or the Bucs, even if the Bucs beat the Saints and the Giants and Packers both lose. But, if Chicago loses than the Packers will face the Eagles in playoffs round one next weekend. Not good for the Eagles as the last game vs. the Vikings demonstrated exactly how to stop Michael Vick, we are sure all teams took notes.

Lastly, the Rams vs. the Seahawks is important because if the Rams win they they get the NFC West title with an 8-8 record, and also get to host the Saints of Falcons next week. This is because the Rams will be seed #4. But if the ‘hawks win then it’s sad for all as a team with a losing schedule of 7-9 will be in the playoffs this season. But most likely it is going to be the Rams with this one.


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