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Bet on the NFLWhen asked if he would intervene in the current situation in the NFL, avid football fan and President of the United States Barrack Obama put his realistic spin on the whole situation. “If a group of Owner that are Billionaires, and a group of players that are millionaires can't come to a compromise in this day and age when all are being asked to cut back then there is a problem,” commented the President. “The President of the United States should not have to get involved.”

The question you must be asking yourself is: Can these two groups be that stubborn and stupid? One would hope the answer to this would be no and that all this hype and discussion is for nothing. The hope is that intelligence will prevail over greed, and the world of professional football will continue to spin. No matter how greedy you think owners like Jerry Jones and Al Davis are, fans have to hope that they reasonable and intelligent enough to not allow a protracted labor war to take place.

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One would hope, and again there is that word, that the Thursday extension of the labor agreement was a direct result of the common sense that has previously been suggested. I believe that an agreement is on the horizon and will take place very soon. Cooler heads have begun to make a dent in the palace of greed in which the NFL is enshrined. This concession indicates to the fans that both sides may actually want to get things done. Now, they may wait it out as long as possible, but NFL fans can rest a little easier now.

“There's just as much to lose on both sides for them not to work this out,” said Tom Ramsberger, a St. Petersburg attorney who teaches sports law. “But I believed the same thing about baseball and hockey once, too.”


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