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NFL Football handicapping on the pre season offers plenty of opportunity for NFL betting profits but can also be perilous for those who don’t prepare well. NFL Football preseason wagering must be done with great care and prudence as NFL betting fans will tell you that the exhibition season is an entirely different proposition.

NFL Football handicappers should first organize a separate NFL betting bankroll for exhibition action.  This NFL Football gambling bankroll should be separate from the bankroll that is to be used for the regular season.  After that pre season NFL Football bankroll is established it should then be broken down into separate segments for each week of the pre season.  While money management is always important, when betting on NFL Football in the pre season it is even more of a critical fundamental.

Next it must be noted that pre season NFL Football has completely different dynamics and fundamentals than does the regular season.  For an established championship team such as the Pittsburgh Steelers or the New England Patriots the exhibition season is simply something to survive and nothing more.  The goal for such teams is to get to the regular season without any significant injuries.  Winning or losing pre season games is of little significance.

For losing teams, however, such as the Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions, the NFL Football exhibition campaign is a great opportunity to build up confidence and morale and to set a new tone for the upcoming season.  In the NFL Football pre season it is no surprise when teams that are normally losers beat teams that are normally champions as the motivations and dynamics are simply different in August than in November.

The NFL odds makers are aware that the general betting public will look at the pre season betting lines in similar fashion to how they would with the regular season lines.  The public, therefore, is ‘paying a price’ and can easily be manipulated into traps during the exhibition campaign.  Those who can isolate and evaluate the true value of the exhibition betting line are the ones who can make bank in August and set the table for a great regular season.


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