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NFL Football handicapping in the pre season has an entirely different NFL betting dynamic and list of check points than is the case in the regular season. NFL Football betting in the pre season requires even more preparation than NFL betting in the regular season along with a different way of evaluating intangibles.

The lineups and playing time in the NFL Football exhibition schedules are entirely different and an important ingredient in pre season NFL betting.  The handicapper must do his homework and compile as much information as possible about which key players will or will not be seeing action and for how long.  If the New England Patriots, for example, are not going to play Tom Brady but a series or two in a pre season game they are not at all the same NFL Football commodity that they would be in the regular season.  And that is one of the first great lessons about betting exhibition NFL Football, which is that a team may not be the team you associate them to be in the regular season when playing in pre season.  Many bad regular season teams will play their starters far longer in the NFL Football pre season and win more games in the process against superior teams playing backups and try outs.

Next its important to evaluate the motivations of teams in the NFL Football exhibition season.  This again requires a handicapper to do his NFL Football homework and obtain as much information as possible about which teams are and are not using the pre season as a confidence builder for the regular season.  Some coaches place a great deal of emphasis on the exhibition NFL Football season while others simply want to get out of it without significant injuries.  The job is to find out which is which.  Other coaches may emphasize one game in the exhibition campaign to try and win and blow off the other three.  Again when it comes to motivation, information is power and profitable.


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