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Bet on the NFL The one consistency in the NFC division in terms of Super Bowl appearances is... well, the lack of consistency.

In the past decade, no team has made it to the Super Bowl twice in a row. In fact, in the past decade, no NFC football team has made it to the Super Bowl twice, even in non-consecutive years. This can wreak havoc on preseason and postseason bets on which team will make it to the Big Game in any given year.

The following is a list of the NFC teams that have made it to the Super Bowl in the 2000s:

With tons of great teams in the NFC, picking the winner of the division from year to year is almost impossible. Of course, there are also some pretty bad programs in the NFC.

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After all, does anyone really expect the Detroit Lions to make it to the Super Bowl next year? They haven't won a single postseason game in over a decade and a half. How much longer can the Lions' 16-year playoff game losing streak continue? And even if they make it past the first round of the playoffs, who expects Detroit to take the Super Bowl in 2012?

However, it may be the Atlanta Falcons turn next year. While the team can field a strong offense, it is still a bit lacking in defense. If they can overcome this shortfall in their game during the off-season, they may have a decent chance at playoff season success next year. Next year, the NFC South may have a competent Atlanta team.

In the end, it may be one of the more recent teams that made a Super Bowl appearance that returns to the big game in 2012. Can Green Bay win in 2011 and then repeat next year? Based on the NFC trend over the last decade, it seems more than a little doubtful. What we can expect from the NFC division will probably be more surprises and unexpected teams having success where it was never expected of them.


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