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Bet on the NFL The Randy Moss experiment will work in Tennessee. It will work because the Titans' offense runs the routes that Moss can run. It will work because Titans offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger loves to throw down the field and views the deep ball not as taking a shot, so to speak, but rather as part of his repertoire. It will work because Titans head coach Jeff Fisher understands how to coach a talent like Moss, and like all great leaders, Fisher can focus on what is important. Most of all, it will work because every player in the Titans locker room wants this to work.


Moss makes his return to Miami on Sunday, this time with the Titans. His last trip wth the Patriots ended up being his last game with New England. When sports betting note that the Miami is the perfect team for Moss -- and the perfect team for Heimerdinger -- to attack as they play a lot of man-to-man coverage and want to build an eight-man front to stop running back Chris Johnson.

Moss will be an asset in this game for the Titans, because the Dolphins know him, respect him and will make sure he has someone over the top of him the entire game.

He'll be pressed at the line, and they won't allow him free access into routes. Most of the impact Moss will have with the Titans will be centered on how the opponents deplore their defense. If the opponents build an eight-man front and leave Moss on an island, the Titans will be able to run play-action pass, which allows Moss more time to clear press coverage or run past the defender.


The Titans offense is not that complicated -- which favors Moss -- yet his presence will have an aggregate effect. There will be a slight spike to Johnson's numbers, but don't think just having Moss on the field means teams will allow Johnson more room to run on every down. Playing the Titans with or without Moss, opponents will still load the box to prevent Johnson from running wild. However, there will be more moments that allow the one big run all running backs need to enhance their stats.


Johnson makes his mark with the big run, the long run over 30 yards. One of the reasons Johnson's rushing numbers are down is due to his lack of that one long run each game. Moss' presence will help Johnson make that run and will also help tight end Bo Scaife work the middle of the field, especially on third down.


The Titans as an offense will benefit from the addition of Moss, therefore at the end of the game Sunday in Miami, the full effect will not lie in how many catches he has, but rather how more productive the Titans' offense can become.  With Moss now on the team, his real value must be measured in his ability to benefit others.


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