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Bet on the NFLNow that Super Bowl Week has begun, every little advantage and disadvantage of each team will be analyzed to death in anticipation of the big game. With the odds so close and the chance of a blow-out pretty low in Super Bowl XLV, sports betting fans will be looking for every opportunity to analyze the teams and find something the sportsbook oddsmakers missed.

So far, the Green Bay Packers are slight favorites to win the game. Could weather conditions (or lack thereof) be a factor in these predictions? With the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas being an enclosed arena, the Packers may have an even greater advantage over the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is due to the nature and strength of Green Bay's offensive strategy.

The Packers have been a strong passing team all season, which makes quarterback Aaron Rodgers' job much easier when weather conditions are not a huge factor. The Packers, while used to playing outdoors in the freezing upper Midwest state of Wisconsin, are actually stronger indoors where their passing game can really shine.

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In fact, Green Bay's quarterback has completed 26 touchdowns, with only five interceptions in his twelve indoor games. And the Packers as a whole have averaged 31.8 points per game in three years consisting of 12 indoor games since Aaron Rodgers became the starting quarterback. If the Packers passing game is strong on Sunday, the Steelers defense may not have a chance to catch up.

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But the Steelers are known for their strong defense and ability to raise their game to a higher level whenever it counts. Even though Pittsburgh may prefer to play outside, where their own running game is more deadly, defense is really what they are known for. So while the Packers may feel more comfortable inside, they will still not have an easy time capitalizing on that small advantage in Dallas.


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