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Bet on the NFLSport betting fans should know that the Dallas Cowboy rookie Dez Bryant refused to follow the rules of rookie tradtion and carry a veterans pads at training camp, so his punishment?

Football bettors take note of this guy's dedication.  Bryant had to take his fellow Cowboys out to dinner, and foot the bill for a lavish meal that cost the No. 24 draft pick a whopping $54,896 dollars.  Of the steakhouse harassment Bryant says, “It was all in fun.

It’s what rookies are suppose to do.  Some of the older guys apologized.  I felt there was no need for them to apologize because it just happened.”  Wow, way to be a good sports, but I guess when you’re making 2.8 million dollars a year the $54K isn’t so bad, I guess that would be like the average person spending $600 on dinner, which still seems like a lot in my humble opinion.  Bryant continued to say, quote, “It’s like trying to fit in, basically.  I felt like those are the things you have to do in order to be a part of a team.  The older guys helped me understand that everybody goes through it.”  All in all it sounds like Bryant loves his job and is being a great sport about the whole ordeal.


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