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Bet on the NFL NFL Week 9 betting picks for the Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers. Can the Cowboys pass the test? Green Bay is extremely banged-up. But the combination of Wade Phillips and no Tony Romo makes the Cowboys impossible to get behind in this NFL Week 9 Picks matchup. Online Sportsbook lists the Packers as the favorites at minus 9 points with the total over/under at 45.5 points.

The Packers are coming off a shut out win vs. the Jets last week, with the final score 9-0. Tight end Jermichael Finley has come out recently saying that a burning fever on October 25th alerted him that something had gone wrong with his knee surgery. He was hospitalized and it turns out he will have to have a second surgery to deal with the infection. Apparently it was the same problem Tom Brady had. He thanks his Green Bay trainers for saving his life, as they immediately drove him to the hospital after dealing with a 105 degree fever for twelve to fifteen hours. Doctors inserted a central line from his neck to his chest to speed up antibiotic absorbtion. He had 21 receptions in four games before getting hurt on the first play of the Packers' Week 5 loss to Washington.

The Cowboys have been more than disappointing this season.

They are only 1-6, and are not showing any signs of improvement. Gerneral manager Jerry Jones is incredibly frustrated, as he can find little to do to fix the situation. Rumor mill has been running ramped with the idea of firing coach Wade Phillips. Jones probably doesn't see how that would help or he would've done it by now, especially with Phillips all but offering up his headset with what sounded like a concession speech after a loss at home Sunday to mediocre Jacksonville.

Keeping Phillips would be unpopular -- heck, it already is -- but few people are as well-versed in doing unpopular things as Jones, who fired Tom Landry and Jimmy Johnson, hired Barry Switzer and cut Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith. Criticism doesn't budge Jones, but money usually does. And that's likely the crux of all this.

If Phillips is fired, he's still due at least $3 million for 2011. That said, he's not likely to walk away, especially if he thinks this could be his last NFL head-coaching job. Jones, meanwhile, would expect someone he was paying that much to stay on.

Sure, he could go after a Super Bowl-winning coaches Bill Cowher, Tony Dungy or Jon Gruden, but it's not that simple. Sure, it would shake up the locker room and, with nine games left, give Dallas a head start on a rebuilding plan. Would that be enough or worth the expense of signing one of them? Then there's the pending labor war.

Jones is a member of the league's management council executive committee and will have a big role in the upcoming negotiations with the players' association. He's dug in his heels, ready for a fight over the collective-bargaining agreement that could scrap the 2011 season.


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