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Bet on the NFL  It has finally arrived, the final week of the 2010 NFL season, and with it we’ve got a battle of the AFC West. The top spot Kansas City Chiefs take on the third place Oakland Raiders. The Raiders have a 7-8 record compared to the Chief’s 10-5 record going into Week 17. After beating the Tennessee Titans 34-14 last weekend on the day after Christmas, the Chiefs secured the AFC West title. This is their first title since 2003. Even though the team is being hailed as the greatest one-year turnaround they were not ready to acknowledge such. What NFL fans around the nation may see as a victory, the Chiefs instead see as a sad disappointment. In order to be the greatest turn around, they had to have been pretty bad the previous season.

That is not something the Chiefs want to scream from the top of the hills.

As for the Oakland Raiders, they lost last weekend to the Indianapolis Colts, but by the end of the first quarter the game lost all meaning anyways. Why? Well, because at about that time Kansas City beat the Tennessee Titans 34-14, thus eliminating the Raiders from any real playoff dreams. So why does this game even matter? Well for one the Chiefs can use this game as a practice session for the playoffs, knowing that their playoff spot is secured. When betting on sports also take note of these important facts: If the Cheifs can win this weekend against the Raiders they will be the third seed in the playoffs, which means they will play the New York Jets at home and the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road. If not they will have to play the Baltimore Ravens at home and then the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

Even though they are not playing for the playoffs, the Oakland Raiders till have a lot on the line, an undefeated AFC West record. Sportsbook record their division as six and zero this season, and it will take a win against the Kansas City Chiefs to keep that pride in tact, it is about all they can walk away with this season.


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