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Bet on the NFLWith a star like Tony Romo at quarterback, one might think that Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys would be concerned with looking to draft other needed positions, but Jones claims that he will keep all options open come draft day.

“I wouldn't dismiss any player that's going to be in that draft and wouldn't express interest,” commented Jones on Friday. With the ninth pick in the draft, it is entirely possible that Cam Newton will still be available, and even though they have Romo signed through 2013, aging back-up Jon Kitna, 38, is at the tail end of his career. The question is whether Newton would want to come in and be number two because he would be until he proved otherwise.

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Concerns for the Cowboys include Newton's off-field problems, something that he was reluctant to speak about during Saturday's news conference. Although he did read a prepared statement discussing his claim that he is an icon and an entertainer. In his statement, he took full responsibility for what he said and claimed it was an honest mistake. While he is a talented player, it appears that he may come with the type of ego that could cause some problems within the organization. We are getting glimpses of a player who is ready to apply the Terrell Owens business model upon entering the NFL. I am not sure that Jones would want to go down that road again.

However, Newton claims that football is his number one priority, and that the competeion at the combine will prove that to anyone who thinks otherwise.

“This whole path to where I am right now has been something of a whirlwind to say the least,” Newton said. “But at the same time, this is what I signed up for. I am blessed and I can't even say that enough but just to know that I am talking to reporters that 365 days ago, I was attending class at Auburn.”


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