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Bet on the NFL The last place Cincinnati Bengals host their conference rivals, the third place Cleveland Browns this Sunday in Week 15 of the 2010 NFL season. The Bengals are having a tough season with a record of 2-11-0 while the Browns are doing quite a bit better at (5-8-0). The Cleveland Browns take a trip within their state to Cincinnati to play the losing Cincinnati Bengals on December 19th. The battle of Ohio is typically a decent matchup every year and one team almost always has something toe play for this late in the season. This year, though, there is nothing on the line but a slightly better 2011 Draft pick. But this does not mean that the game is worth passing up for NFL betting enthusiasts.

The Browns offensive line has, over the course of the season, been reliant on Peyton Hillis.

The strategy is to give Hillis the ball and let him go as far as he can. He has proven that he is effective in inflicting damage on the defense on almost every run. The only exception: the Buffalo Bills may have come up with a tactice to slow Hillis down, which they used in their win against Cleveland in Week 14.

The offienseive line situation with the Browns is fluid from week to week, as it has been all season, and if Jake Delhommedoes not perform, everyone on the Cleveland sideline is justifiably anxious. Will the Brown's QB performance significantly affect sportsbook odds for the matchup this week?

Defense has not been a major problem for the Bengals, but they did rack up big leads only to swiftly lose them early in the 2010 NFL season. The defensive line has played well in regards to passing games, allowing only 215 yards per game. Against running plays, the Cincinnati team is giving up over 123 yards per game -- a huge problem -- and the result is that they have lost some important games  due to this weakness. Hillis and the Browns have a startling advantage over the Cincinnati defense with their strong running game.

Tthe Cincinnati Bengals running game has faltered this year, but they have shown signs of life in the past few weeks' games. Their running game averages a little under 95 yards per game, but Carson Palmer on offense has been content passing all season to make up for the poor running game. However, the numbers on paper do not reflect this improved passing performance. The Bengals can pass for over 235 yards per game, while their primary receiver is the reliable Terrell Owens.


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