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Bet on the NFLThe Buffalo Bills have yet to win a game this season as they come into Week 10 where they will host the Detroit Lions. Unfortunately for the Lions, they lost their quarterback last weekend in a game vs. the New York Jets.

Unfortunately a re-injured right shoulder has allotted Matthew Stafford with only two games back on the field. He had originally separated the shoulder in the season opener and missed five games. The Detroit Lions improved immensely on the defensive front line with the addition of Kyle Vanden Bosch and Ndamukong Suh. They now have one of the most menacing lines in the NFL but they are still lacking when it comes to coverage on the edges by their defensive backs and safeties. When betting on sports you should look at their statistics, the Minnesota Vikings are only giving up 220 yards through the air and 130 yards on the ground.

The Buffalo Bills may be winless but they have the talent to create a powerful offense.  Ryan Fitzgerald has taken over the team as the leader of a team that could be destined to be the best win less team in NFL sportsbook history. CJ Spiller has not become as involved as expected in the offense as of yet but once he does get involved he will give the Buffalo Bills a Reggie Bush type threat. The Detroit Lions defense has the edge over the Buffalo Bills offense.

The Buffalo Bills defense has the reputation for giving up big yardage on the ground. They give up an average of just over 180 yards on the ground and over190 yards per game through the air. Pressure on the quarterback is where the Buffalo Bills defense will need to focus in this game. Detroit Lions offense has the edge over the Buffalo Bills defense.


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