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Bet on the NFLWith all of the infighting and drama going on behind the scenes of the Green Bay Packers, it is becoming more difficult by the day to justify the public's excitement over the team. First there was the photo controversy, with the players on the injured reserve list possibly being left out of the team Super Bowl picture, and now there had been more public sniping about the issue between QB Aaron Rodgers and other players.

Linebacker Nick Barnett and tight end Jermichael Finley began complaining this week on social media site Twitter that they and other injured players were being left out of the photo. The injured players were not scheduled to be brought down to Dallas until two days after the picture was to be taken. The issue was cleared up with a rescheduling once Aaron Rodgers and Charles Woodson brought the matter to Coach Mike McCarthy.

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Rodgers made the issue worse, however, by commenting to the press about the injured reserve players. He stated that, when he was injured in 2006, he stayed in Green Bay for rehab, while some of the players this year went to their homes around the country to recover and rehab. These remarks caused some consternation among the injured players, with Barnett responding on Twitter, saying “All I wanted to be is included as a teammate nothing more. Looks like it has backfired on me.. I guess That was asking too much... Sorry if I offended anyone.” Barnett is also promising to delete his Twitter account very soon.

Is this really how a Super Bowl team acts during the two week run-up to the big game? The team picture is scheduled to exclude the injured reserve players, then it is rescheduled. Next, the start quarterback makes some backhanded comments to the press about the players' choices of rehab locations, which is then responded to via Twitter. This all sounds a little too high school-ish for a team playing at such a high level of professional football.

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But all this background noise begins to call into question the momentum driving the Green Bay Packers towards Super Bowl victory. Is it all just a delusion on the part of the public and the oddsmakers that Green Bay really has what it takes to beat the Steelers? And coming off the close win against the Chicago Bears, Green Bay's offense looks more than questionable. Chicago could easily have won the game if they were playing up to their potential, as the Packers offense were effectively shut down.

And Pittsburgh has an even better defense than the Packers, which makes it more difficult to see how the Green Bay football team triumphs in the end. Green Bay is getting a lot more attention and love in the press and with the public, but that is probably because the Steelers have been here before. Maybe it is because the Steelers are expected to win their third Super Bowl in six years that everyone is hoping that Green Bay can really pull it off. But is it all just hype?


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