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Bet on the NFLMany people who do not Bet on NFL always ask what the big deal is about the Super Bowl? For many it is nothing more than sitting comfortably amongst family and friends with plenty of snacks and refreshments on hand. 

That absolutely is a tremendous pastime for many, but to the gambling sector of the public who are into Offshore Betting and utilize online sports gambling sites, the best part about the Super Bowl game is gambling.  To simply choose a team that will win the game is somewhat boring.  So we want you to know that the proposition bets are what keeps the sports fans interested, apart from on Line Live betting which many sites offer.

So that you may know more about Prop Bets as they are called, we will give you a look at some of the better proposition bets that will be available for the Super Bowl XLVIII.

1. Omaha, the word Peyton Manning used some 44 times against the Ravens and then 31 times when they played New England in the AFC Title game.  The Prop Bet: how many times will Peyton Manning use the word Omaha?  One popular Online sportsbook has it at 27.5 times.  They say take the over.  
2. What will be the lowest temperature during the Super Bowl XLVIII game?  There’s no question it’s going to be cold.  The site is estimating the low for the game in New Jersey to be 25 degrees Fahrenheit with a good chance of snow flurries. One sportsbook offering the over 28 degrees Fahrenheit at even money and to take the under 28 it’s -140. Take the under 28!
3. What will the coin toss outcome be, heads or tails?   A popular Vegas venue has the heads and tails both at -103.   If you Bet on NFL football take heads.    
4. Will the first TD scored be a passing or running Touchdown? One offshore site has the TD by passing at -170 and by rushing at +150.  Everyone knows Manning is famous for his passing, so there's your answer.
5. How long will it take to present the National Anthem before kick-off,?  The Anthem this 2014 will be sung by Renee Fleming, the well know opera singer.  For unknown reason opera singers usually take a long time, not unlike Enrico Pallazzo.  It doesn’t seem to matter what they are singing because it’s said they love the way they sound.  Thus, they want the fans to experience for a long as it’s feasible. Many of the sites have the over at even and the under at -140 for 2 minutes plus twenty five (25) seconds.     

There you have a few of the many proposition bets that are available at your favorite Offshore Betting site, so best of luck with the PROPS!


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