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Bet on the NFLThe 2014 NFL season is just about ready to start and there are plenty of interesting odds to take a look at. These football betting odds are as of August 14, 2014 and will be subject to change as more news comes in about teams, injuries, and matchups throughout the preseason and regular season.

Who Will Win the Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLIX won't be until February 1 in Glendale, Arizona but there are plenty of odds to look at in the NFL futures field. The most notable comes from how the Denver Broncos are favored to win. Although the Broncos clearly did not show up to play against the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, the Broncos are still +560 favorites to win it all this year. The Seahawks are second with +595 odds.

The San Francisco 49ers have +785 odds for winning the Super Bowl. This especially comes as Colin Kaepernick is looking to become the next big star among NFL quarterbacks. The old guard is especially going to be strong as the New England Patriots have +910 odds. Time may be running out for the Pats though as Tom Brady is starting to get up there in age.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders have the worst odds at +25000 each. The Jaguars are looking to start over with Blake Bortles at quarterback while the Raiders' immediate future is up in the air, what with constant talk of the team possibly moving back to Los Angeles in the future.

Big Conference Points

The Broncos are +235 favorites to win the AFC title while the Patriots are at +460. The ever-versatile Andrew Luck and his Indianapolis Colts are back at +960.

The NFC is closer as the Seahawks and 49ers are respectively at +335 and +425. The Green Bay Packers are at +675 as Aaron Rodgers appears to be healthy once again. The New Orleans Saints are at +760 and should no longer be fazed by controversies over getting a new contract for Jimmy Graham.

Closer Division Races

The NFC East appears to be the closest individual division. The Philadelphia Eagles are +125 favorites while the other three teams are within +450. The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants are looking to rebound after difficult years while the Washington Redskins are hoping to avoid serious injury risks to quarterback Robert Griffin III.

The AFC North is also extremely close. The Cincinnati Bengals are +185 favorites but much of this lies on whether or not Andy Dalton, who just got a massive new contract, can actually be consistent and not collapse like what he has done in the playoffs in the past. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens are within +300 but the controversy surrounding the short suspension for the Ravens' Ray Rice could bother the team for a while. The Cleveland Browns, meanwhile, are stuck at +660 as many are clamoring for Brian Hoyer to be benched in favor of Johnny Manziel.

What About Win Totals?

Some NFL teams are clearly expected to do more than others this year. This can be evidenced by the over/under totals for the wins that each team is to get. The Denver Broncos have an over/under at 11.5 wins this year. A large number of potential competitors are just at 8 or 8.5; these include the Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers among others.

Some teams are expected to keep on rebuilding but some teams have higher than expected odds. While the St. Louis Rams are in the bottom of the NFC West, they are still listed with an over/under of 7.5 wins. Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have an over/under of 7 wins with Lovie Smith coming in as the team's new coach although there are concerns over whether or not Mike Glennon is the right quarterback for the team.

Still, some teams have odds that could be signs of trouble. The over/under of 7 wins for the New York Jets suggests that coach Rex Ryan might be in jeopardy of losing his job if the Jets don't perform. The 8.5 win total for the Atlanta Falcons is also looking to the pressure on coach Mike Smith and quarterback Matt Ryan. Of course, anything could happen during the coming season with regards to all of these teams.

All odds for the upcoming NFL season are subject to change. The season is expected to be very exciting with plenty of interesting matchups coming along this year and should prove to be appealing to anyone who is interested in the game of football. For all of the most recent odds, check out BetRoyal sportsbook -- we'll have updated futures odds as more information about each team and player becomes available. Remember, one injury or break-out star can completely change these odds! If you want to get in on them right now, don't hesitate: they may be gone before you know it!


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