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Bet on NCAAFThe first few weeks of the NCAA football season always entails some lopsided matchups. These include plenty of games against non-FBS teams that were scheduled simply because the non-FBS teams were getting paid to play in these games. These are games that are simple tune-ups for more powerful schools getting ready for the season and could even be seen as unofficial exhibition games in a way.

Not all of these games are going to have lines on them. This is due to the extremely lofty nature of some matchups. However, the games that do have odds are often ones where the line is extremely vast. It’s more about whether or not a team will actually blow out another opponent by as much as one might expect.

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The start of the 2015 NCAA football season is no exception to this. Oklahoma State is a -22 favorite over Central Michigan, for instance. Meanwhile, TCU is a -16 favorite in the betting odds to beat Minnesota.

The largest bets at this moment are for -38 lines. West Virginia is favored by that much to beat Georgia Southern while Florida also has that line to beat New Mexico State. These are clearly matchups for more powerful teams to help them get prepared for the different games that they will enter into later in the season.

This is not to say that every single matchup at the start of the season will be this lofty. Texas A&M is only favored with a -3 line against Arizona State, for instance. Georgia State is also a -4 favorite with the sportsbook against Charlotte.

If anything, there are still plenty of games to check out with regards to close bets during the first week of the college football season. However, the best bets may be hard to come across as there are so many bets that are extremely difficult and may not be all that easy to follow along with, what with them being so lofty and extreme in terms of how they are arranged.


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