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Bet on NCAAFFans of Nebraska and Iowa Football have been debating for a long time about their particular programs. Husker Supporters have the decided advantage, having won more National Championships and have more National Prominence. Due to the fact Nebraska has just joined the Big 10 Conference, the rivalry between the Devotees and Players will just heat up. With any luck, the powers that be will be certain that Nebraska-Iowa is an annual matter.

Personally, I believe that the Cornhuskers made a error by joining the Big 10. Although they have transferred to the Shotgun read option, Power Blocking is what Nebraska does greatest and still applies some of these principles in their run-Blocking schemes. Nevertheless, the Big Ten is a Conference of Bruisers, used to lining up mano-a-mano, Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust. Nebraska could have been much better served going to the PAC 10, where their new sort of Offense is not seen as much. There's more passing than in the Woody Hayes/Bo Schembechler Days, however the Run continues to be the Calling Card of this Conference.

Iowa is sort of a Jekyll/Hyde kind of Program, it seems that they constantly lose to somebody that they shouldn't, and beat an adversary that they should not every year. This year ought to be in Iowa's favor, because they're at Home, and the game is in November. Taylor Martinez can not hit the Ocean from the beach. All Iowa (Or any Squad, save Ohio State) has to do is put 8 or 9 in the box and dare the Huskers to throw, which they can not. Furthermore, this alignment gives the Hawkeyes the extra man/men to remain disciplined, and to stop the read option, particularly Martinez, who doesn't like to and frankly cannot pitch to his Tailback. Due to the fact the Cornhuskers are getting a bit Arrogant these days, even after a loss to Northwestern, I see Iowa as a 4 1/2 to 5 point favorite, and ought to cover handily. Nebraska isn't very great on defense either, not a lot of speed, but jumpy. Screens, Traps Draws, and other kinds of misdirection Plays will keep Nebraska on their toes. I'll be watching to see if Bo Pelini's head in fact explodes off of his Shoulders. If the odds makers make the Cornhuskers the fave, jump all over the Iowa Hawkeyes, as they will win outright.



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